the artist

Self PortraitI’m a self taught artist who has been creating collage and assemblage artwork for over 30 years.

I was introduced to collages by Max Ernst’s “Une semaine de bonté.” Curiosity about his artwork led me to the Dada and Surrealist movements, which have had a major impact on my art.

Soon after discovering “Une semaine de bonté” I found several collections of Victorian era clip art compiled by Jim Harter for the Dover Pictorial Archive series, most notably “Harter’s Picture Archive for Collage and Illustration,” which together with the collages by Max Ernst, inspired me to create my own collages.

After beginning a career as a professional cook and moving to Seattle, WA in the early 80s I joined the Ground Zero Art Gallery from 1982 to 1984. An introduction to Cubomania and Kurt Schwitters’ Merz encouraged me to experiment with my artwork and I’ve been creating assemblages ever since. After discovering and reading underground comix, I began drawing comic strips and illustrations.

Working as a cook took me to several different cities around the US, before I settled in Columbus, Oh in 1990. The music scene inspired me to create concert posters and album cover art for local bands. Joining the Acme Art Gallery in 1991 afforded me the opportunity to display theses posters as well as my collages and assemblages.

In 1992 I met my wife and moved to Scranton, PA, where we bought our first computer and printer. Less than a year later we started a Graphic Design company, working with local bands and small businesses. This lead to getting involved with a regional arts publication called Ergo Magazine, writing about music and taking photos, both film and digital, of regional and national bands and performers.

Contributing to Ergo introduced me to desktop publishing software and I soon owned a scanner along with copies of Photoshop and Corel Draw, resulting in the creation of my first digital collages. It also led to a job with one of the first ISPs to offer internet access to the general public and the beginning of a second career as an IT Customer Support representative.

Learning HTML led to creating and maintaining the company’s, as well as their customer’s, websites. When the  company was purchased by a regional ISP, I started my own website design firm, creating and maintaining local companies and organizations websites for several years.

In the late 1990s, I joined one of the first online concert ticketing companies on the internet as a Customer Support representative. When the company formed a partnership with a sports arena management company in 2002 and moved to the suburbs outside Philadelphia, my wife and I moved with them.

A move into the city in 2008 inspired me creatively, especially to use my own photos in my collages. Now that my job has been eliminated by downsizing, I’m beginning a third career as an artist and photographer.